Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We started with a brisk drive west on the interstate into Green River Wyoming. This was where John Wesley Powell launched his Colorado River expedition. Looking at the river as we drove by you can imagine that the men on that trip really had no idea what lay ahead of them. The power of the Colorado River is unseen this far north but later it surges through the Grand Canyon. Our adventure is insignificant when compared to theirs.

We had a visit with a lovely couple while we were stopped in Green River. They told us we were negligent in not informing the paper of our arrival. I think we are still not expecting to be recognized. We promised to be better at letting folks know what we are up to. We headed north to Opal into wide open country with huge blue sky wrapping all around us. The road was good and we moved along at about 30 mph. Clouds were building above us, sometimes blocking the sun which was a relief. The heat was not as bad as Iowa or Nebraska but it was getting warm. Rain was falling from the clouds but it is so dry here that it wasn't hitting the ground. It was a little weird to be driving under falling rain that we could see but not feel.

We stopped in Opal, ate a quick picnic lunch, looked at what we think might be the hotel that Alice Ramsey stayed in and then moved on to Kemmerer. We drove on by thinking we had enough time to get to Evanston so we should push through. The road from Kemmerer to Evanston was not busy and wide open. The cars were moving well and with a brisk tail wind we were cruising at 40mph for about 15 miles. I never touched the accelerator, just held on. We passed another big wind farm and a HUGE number of sheep. At first we though there were about 500 sheep, then we decided about 1000. Even now I think our estimate was short. There were sheep everywhere. We reconnected with I80 and drove the last 14 miles to Evanston. At the state park we saw the most majestic elk just lying in the grass enjoying the late day sun. We found a place to camp, ate a very large meal at a wonderful Mexican reataurant (Don Pedro Family Mexican) We were so stuffed that I was glad we had walked there, it gave me a few mintues to walk back, or waddle back.

Malcolm will need to pull my back right wheel tomorrow to check on some grinding noise but other than that the car seems to be in good shape. On to Lehi from here.


  1. So pleased to see you are in Utah. Moving right along. We are having a bad storm coming shortly so I will be off. 4" of rain in Troy in 20 mins
    Love Mom

  2. what did Abbey and Bridget think of the elk?


  3. Got your e-mail last night and sent a response. Hope to talk to you today.
    Bob Rampton

  4. Hi. Remember I went out to Park City with Maggie Skying? Interesting area. How is the altitude for all of you? I do remember Malcolm saying drink lots (Water) that is. We had a humdinger of a storm. Albany was hit baddly. Trees fires from lightening stricks amazing. We missed that.

  5. Do you have plans for a celebration in SF? Is anyone going to meet you? How do I contact you? Kay Lewis?

  6. I am having a wretched time with this e-mail. My high school students used to say that..on the information superhighway, I was roadkill". How do I contact you about your arrival in SF? Can you just hit "reply"? I keep trying to create a profile buy it will only take "anonymous". Sorry,Kay Lewis

  7. Kay, I'm not sure how to contact you either. You can call Malcolm's cell 802-375-3545 up until 11 tonight. We'll be up. Or send me an e.mail with contact info dmgd@togehter.net

    I hope this gets to you. The cell is the best bet if you have time.