Thursday, June 25, 2009

On to Kearney

We said good bye to Delilah and Ron and left their house around noon. The T's radiator had been fixed and put back on the car. Thanks to a wonderful man who said he'd work on it as soon as we could get it there we weren't delayed too much. It was stinking hot by the time we got on the road, and the humidity was oppressive. We went through the area on RT 34 that had been hit by a tornado a few days ago. The house was still standing but one whole wall was gone. The trees were shredded and the corn field was bare. It was a sobering sight. We had heard about it but were still shocked at the devistation. Fortunately no one was hurt. The family is ok. The whole idea of tornados really unnerves me. I have been watching the skies as the storms build south ad north of us.

Both cars ran well and we made it to Kearney Nebraska before calling it a day. We camped at Fort Kearny State Park. The lake was so inviting and it was really warm. We went for a late swim after dinner to cool off. It was still pretty warm by the time we went to bed and off in the distance clouds were building. The weather report was for a clear night so we weren't worried. At about midnight the first storm hit. I'm not sure I can remember another time when it has rained that hard. It rained off and on until about three am. I could not sleep. I was worried about Dorothy, Dan and Emma in the tent. Bridgit was trying to sleep under me to get away from the thunder and I wasn't happy when the wind shook the trailer. Needless to say it was a long night.

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