Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We are in Waco with breakdowns

Yesterday began with a really hard rain that dumped about two inches of rain in about 30 minutes. Large chunks of hail fell in the rain. I was really glad we were still in the house. We spent a few hours at Speedway Motors museum in Lincoln. Lots of amazing race cars, engines and pedal cars. There was a Model T display with every accessory that could be purchased. The display was really fun to see. There were lots of bits and pieces the auto enthusiast could get.

We left Barb and Myron's after lunch, I guess the humidity was about as high as it could get. We stopped for a picture by an old DLD sign and then headed out. I got about 6 more miles and the Cadillac died. I had no gas in the lines and after a number of attempts we put it in the trailer to go find some place to work on it. I got in the T with Dorothy and we drove on. The T was running really hot and our feet were frying in the cab. When we stopped the radiator was steaming and we weren't sure what was actually happening. We met up with Lineley Kessler near Utica and followed him to Waco to Virgil and Doug Lierman's service station. Dan caught up with us there, he had run to Omaha to pick up some bearings for our fan. Doug and Dan worked on the radiator and determined that there were a few leaks. Virgil, Malcolm & Dylan worked on the Caddy. They pulled a huge chunk of tank sealant out and eventually got it all cleaned out.

We have been taken in by Lindley's cousins, Delila and Ron Dey. They have taken great care of us while we are stopped by mechanical difficulties. We've been fed well and kept cool in the heat of the day, fed the goat and played with the dog. Dorothy is with Malcolm at the radiator shop and we are dragging our feet. It is still hot and humid.


  1. And so the adventure continues...sounds like a terrific time. Be safe and continue to have fun.

  2. Hi from Vermont! Glad to see that you are still chugging along despite the breakdowns, rain, hail, heat etc. It's exciting to read all about your adventure and the fun people you are meeting! Boy can I picture you jumping right in to help out that waitress! :) Leaving school now and heading to the cape---it won't be the same without you! Caulder and Skye send slobbery, muddy dog kisses to all of you! :)