Friday, June 12, 2009

Engine Trouble

Malcolm received a message on his cell phone today around lunch time. The Regal has serious radiator and engine problems. Dorothy is in the Pierce still heading west. They are near Cleveland where they hope to get the Regal repaired tonight.

Yesterday Fred Gonet of G&G Restorations did an emergency room repair on my carburetor. It seems to be happier but still spits a bit of gas when the car stops. Better than the leak it had before. Now there is a valve that is acting up. It's always something... I guess if you just don't fix everything nothing new will happen. Doesn't Murphy have some sort of law for this.


  1. Good luck allof you. Dana May the sun be at your back. Love Mom

  2. Wow, these ol'gals are like old Harley's. Always something. A little like my '94 Ducati... always something. But its the joy. I wish I were with ya.
    Brother - Bart