Sunday, June 21, 2009

Crossing the Missouri to Lincoln NE

Even with an early wake up we still didn't get on the road until 11. We seem to be slower and slower at getting started. Of course much of this is car related with repairs, or maintenance but I still think we are not moving quickly as we are putting in long days and are tired. There is a good part of this though. We do have the most interesting moments when we take it slowly. Yesterday while getting ready in a truck stop near Rt 30 we had a chance to chat with some of the Valhallas, a motorcycle group from NE. I went into the little restaurant to order Dan some breakfast because he was in need of food. I walked in right behind about 20 bikers. It was pretty clear that the only waitress was a bit frazzled at the huge influx of customers. So, I pitched in. I took orders, served coffee and juice, bussed tables, shocked the heck out of the guy in the kitchen and generally had a lot of fun. I chatted with two rather large bikers about Rt 30 across NE and they gave me the lowdown on the road. Nice guys, kind of intimidating women. Go figure.

We stopped for lunch and while we were eating saw Emily Anderson go by. We had a moment of excitement, it is the first time we've seen her. Glad to see all is well with her trip too. After lunch we crossed the Nebraska line then zigged and zagged all over the country side to get to Lincoln. We got our wires crossed a bit and ended up on the East side of the city instead of the West side so we got to drive through Lincoln. Saw a camel at the zoo, that was interesting. We made it to Myron and Barb's house in one piece. Myron and Nathan (their son) showed us their amazing car collection and Barb cooked us a huge dinner. We had a great night talking and sitting in their nice cool house. We are going to take a layover day and do laundry, work on the cars, and do a bit of visiting.

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