Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ogallala NE to Cheyenne Wy

167 miles today! We followed Rt 30, the old Lincoln Highway all the way to Cheyenne. The maps showed that 30 ran with the interstate from Pine Bluffs but when we got there Malcolm found someone who knew the roads and he told us, 'just keep goin' where you are, the road goes all the way to Cheyenne." The road was really nice, not busy with long straight bits that allowed the cars to really cruise. Dorothy was motoring along at about 38 mph and if there was a tail wind the cars got up to almost 40. With a tail wind and a down hill it was all I could do to keep the Cadillac at 40. I'm not sure how it would handle going faster but at times it seemed to have a mind of it's own and just wanted to open up and fly!

The open cars offer a different sense of the world as you are driving along. The heat of the day, the smells along the road, and the people who greet us. At one point we drove along an extensive railroad repair project. For about 10 miles there were groups of workers with huge machines on the tracks. Each group waved as we went by. By the time we had passed my arm was a little tired from all the enthusiastic waving. No queenly subtle waves for us.

We stopped in Sidney for lunch and were interviewed and photographed for the local paper. That was fun! Our first publicity stop. Now maybe a few more people will know about us. It would be awesome for us to meet just one person who actually had heard we were doing this too.

We hit the border of Nebraska and Wyoming, stopped for a photo op and eventually arrived in Cheyenne around dinner where we met up with the McKays. Ken and Shirley offered us camping space in their yard for the night. We had dinner with them then went to their house. Ke showed us his cars. He has some real beauties. We met Max, their miniature Daschund who has a tail that won't quit, and is almost as fast as his tongue which can place more kisses than any dog I have ever met.

We had delux accomodations in Kens brand new trailer, much nicer than a tent. Then it was off bright and early in the morning to do laundry, work on cars a bit, look for more bearings and then away we go......


  1. Wonderful for you to have a bit of publicity also. You have followers in Ohio!! We're actively following your twitter and blog. L&V

  2. Yay, thanks. We are slowly building a small but loyal following. Thanks for your support and interest. We are having a good time for sure. Except for yesterday....I could have given up the hail storm for more heat. I think.....

  3. I'm a thinking I maybe saw you go by. We are the first place west of Pine Bluffs Wy just there after you go under the underpass with all the metal art things. I am Ken McKay's sister. Happy Travels. Did you travel old Hyway 30 past us? Darlene Bowman