Friday, July 3, 2009

Yet another late day start. Dorothy was checking into the coil issue. She has coils that have fused in the heat. It doesn't seem to bother the car much but it is a little disconcerting to know that there might be a problem in the future. She also has a funny noise in the frnt of the car which we think is the fan. So while she made some calls, Malcolm took the Cadillac to a tire store and borrowed a grinder to grind down some bolt ends. The wheel is much more secure and except for a squeak now and then as the new parts settle all seems to be well. We walked around town a bit, found a nice bakery that had muffins for sale, Dylan and Dan went to look at the old roundhouse that is being rennovated. I noticed a sign on a little building that listed sewing and upholstery as one of the many things offered and walked over to see if I could get my tonneau cover stitched before it really ripped. Roy Montoya, the owner graciously repaired the rips, found others and fixed them too. He then came out to see the cars and give us some advice aobut getting off I80 as quickly as possible.

We left around lunch time and headed down 80, getting off just before the construction. We traveled down a parallel road that took us very close to the canyon walls. The deep orange color of the canyon and the intense blue of the sky was so beautiful to see that at times I had to remember to watch the road. We turned left under 80 and on to drive the Old Lincoln Highway around Echo Reservoir. We stopped to let the hot dogs go for a swim, and Abby with the secret knowledge of all things stinky found a dead fish and took a stink bath. Lovely! Many baths later she smells almost like a dog again.

We drove on through the beautiful and changing Utah countryside to Provo Canyon. Past a huge and interesting house which we later figured out is Donny Osmond's house. (Nice location) The long descent to the valley brought us through a completely different part of this amazing state. It is possible that this part of the trip may be the most beautiful. I can't seem to describe how green, stark and lovely the mountains were. We drove between towering peaks, past high waterfalls and walls of bright lime green grass dotted with dark purple thistles. It was truely a most amazing sight, and I don't do it justice here.

We made it to Lehi only to get detoured by consturction. We had lost Dorothy who was trying to catch up with the Snappers, a brass touring club that was on their last night of their two week tour through Idaho, Whoming and Utah. She made it intime to visit while we saw most of Lehi trying to figure out how to get back to Rt 89. We did finally get there just in time to say a quick hello and head to the Maxfield's house where Merrill and Marlene had offered us beds for the night. We had a quick tour of Merrills current project, a spectacular White Yellowstone touring bus that he is working to finish for the 4th of July parade. We ate a quick late dinner and collapsed into bed.


  1. I am having a terrible time making this work. I managed to send comments to yesterdays post and am getting frustrated!!! Really would like to contact you regarding your arrival in SF. Can you read the other posts and contact me? Kay Lewis

  2. Kay, I'm not sure how to contact you without an e.mail address or a phone. If you can send either one to me at my regualr e.mail or call our cell 802-375-3545. Right now we are planning on finishing at the California Car Museum in Sacramento. Dorothy is getting a little pressure to go into SF but I am not sure the Cadillac will make it. I had a bad day yesterday and am patched and running on a prayer.