Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday June 24 to Ogalalla NE a 150 Mile day!!!

Again it took a while to get moving. Mostly because everyone was a still little waterlogged after the rain, and maybe a bit shell shocked. We drove back up to town and unloaded in a school parking lot. Dan had a public information session while we were getting ready. It was a very enthusiastic crowd to say the least. Each one of them honked the horn, then when they were done they came to my car. A few hundred beeps later they discovered the dogs. We became old news!

As we were working on loading things into the cars a woman drove up. She had overheard our conversation in the AAA office and had to stop. Her name was...... Alice Ramsey! We all had a good laugh. This Alice is leaving for a drive to Alaska with her husband. Go Alice!

We finally left after lots of chatting and headed off to meet up with a Rick Kuntz, he had contacted me via the Early Cadillac Group and so as we passed through we stopped for lunch and a visit. He showed us the really nice '06 he was working on and gave us a tour of his barns. We are suckers for barns full of cars. After a long stop for visiting we motored on to North Platte. We made such good time we went all the way to Ogallala for the night. We did a 150 mile day today. The heat was impressive, so much so that as we traveled through the shade of large trees the temperature dropped measureably. At one point I was tempted to stop for a bit just to cool down. But with plenty of water, Gatorade and sunscreen we are holding up well.

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