Monday, June 15, 2009

Emma Ohio to Monee Illinois

The day started well in Emma Ohio. Nice Amish country, lots of buggies and beautiful farms. The roads were great, long stretches with no stops. Car running well. Only one detour threw us off course a bit but not so much that we couldn't find our way back.

The big problem happened when we stopped for gas. I had a leak out of the carburetor that dropped all my gas. Malcolm caught up to us and was able to do a roadside fix but afterwards the Car wasn't running all that well. Sent Dorothy on ahead with promises to catch up. With lots of backfiring and chugging we moved on slowly. We made it to a late lunch with the Peter and Charlene Kesling, members of Illinois Brass Touring club and Carol & Ted Davis at the LaPorte County Historical Society Museum, which is home of not only the historical society but the Kesling auto collection it is a spectacular place!

After a tour of the museum and seeing as much we could in way too short a time we headed out for the second leg of the day. I got about 6 miles down the road when I started having trouble again. The car was still running badly, after I heard a big bang under the hood I decided to continue would risk hurting the car so I pulled over. It turns out that it was a backfire caused by a clogged gas line. We worked on it and tried again. No luck, I had no fuel getting to the engine. We finally decided to trailer it to the hotel in Monee and work on it in the parking lot.

Seems to be running better tonight. We had a nice pizza dinner hosted by the Illinois Brass Touring Club. Hot shower and a cool pillow and to bed.


  1. What a day you had. I was think was this fixable. So glad to talk to Malcolm Last night. Good Luck no more problems.Mom

  2. What is your route and dates in IA? AACA group will be in Clinton IA Country Inn & Suites on Lincoln Way the 17th PM & overnight.

    17hs6, tall corn tour.

  3. Our route took us on the Old Lincoln Highway. The hotel we stayed at last night in Dixon didn't have their internet up and running until this morning. I didn't see this comment until later. Sadly we missed you all. We were in Cinton this morning and have made it to Cedar Rapids tonight. We hoped we would see you all along the way but folks told us your route was a bit further north. It would have been wonderful to visit for a bit. Good Travels, Dana