Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thank you

When recently asked what I would consider the most amazing part of our adventure I found it hard to pick just one thing. There were so many moments that were, for the lack of a better word, Amazing! But, if pressed, I might have to say that it was the people we met at every juncture that really made this trip what it was. From the folks who just wanted to ask about the cars to the people who told us their own personal stories about their old cars, everyone had some sort of connection.When we were stopped by the side of the road, folks stopped to offer help, tools and more than once even a place to stay should we need it. We had the offer of cell phones, route information and even advice on places to find good food. Many times guys in auto parts stores handed us parts and said, '"don't worry about it" One man sewed up a part of my cover for me, free of charge then gave us great advice about our route through Utah.

This type of response you is not terribly surprising when you hang out in the world of brass and gas but what we did not expect was the number of people who took us in and offered us beds for the night. From friends of friends to total strangers, we were taken in like strays when our cars were in dire need of repair, given beds and fed breakfast before we were sent on our way. We have had numerous opportunities to be thankful for the generosity of so many wonderful people. Kindness is not fading in this country, and just as it was 100 years ago, there are people out there who will when necessary open their homes to total strangers and make them feel like family. Throughout the journey strangers looked out for us. And it was this caring about us, our cars and what we were doing that was the most touching.

Thank you to everyone who gave us a bit of their time and a bit of their hearts. No matter how large or small your kindness was, it contributed greatly to our success. This journey was made complete by your part in it and for that we are grateful. Thanks


  1. A quiet beginning and a quiet ending? I think not! You just couldn't hear those of us cheering you along the way! You are AWESOME!

  2. Please bring the good weather when you come home. I am so proud of all of you. You went through so many problems and still I saw that smile and your energy to keep on going.
    See you soon Mom

  3. We are proud of you and also Dorothy. We know how hard she works to keep her cars running. She doesn't just let it up to others! L & V