Monday, July 6, 2009

Ely to Austin

Another day of open road and high mountain passes. We decided to lighten the Cadillac as much as possible to see if we could get up the long hills in something other than first gear so we removed the back and Nancy road in the mini. I was terribly sad to see her go, but I am sure she had much more fun zipping around in the little car. Driving at 10 mph up long hills in the Caddy isn't that thrilling. Although it does offer time to smell the roses so to speak.

Dorothy left before me as she wanted to head up to Ruth to see the area her grandfather had worked many years ago. She didn't find what she had expected to find but it was an adventure nonetheless. The old town of Ruth was moved as the site of the old town is now in the mine. To go see the site of the old town, she had to cross the mine security which consisted of women in pickup trucks who would move back to let her pass. She rejoined us later down the road.

The Cadillac zipped along at a fast 40mph, up and over the hills, zooming up and over passes in second gear like they were nothing. Dylan and I had a great morning and I was feeling pretty good about how things were going. We drove into Eureka, stopped for a late lunch and waited for Dorothy. She arrived shortly after we did ate and on we went. We still had some big climbs ahead of us so we wanted to keep moving. We really didn't have any idea just how long it was going to take.

Often as Dylan and I were chugging along up a long hill I would look up and see Nancy or Doug standing in the rocks taking pictures. At one point the mini flew by, pulled in front of us and Nancy popped up through the sun roof with her camera. It was very California. continued on to Austin. One more big pass and we were at the top of Bob Scott Pass and at the forest service campground. The campground was lovely, remote and quiet. Doug and Nancy had found us a group site with a large area for playing. Dylan and Emma chased lizards and the dogs watched the chipmunks and rabbits. Abby wanted a repeat chase but was tied with a good strong rope. There were no fences to stop her so we were not taking any chances.

We drove down into Austin for dinner. First we stopped for a quick shopping trip at Jason's Art Gallery. A great "not to be missed" rock, jewelry and antique shop. We bought presents, earrings and a great horn for Dylan. The horn, made of a cattle horn is loud and raspy. Abby does not like the sound of it so we can't blow it in the truck or she tries to jump out. Too bad because it is lots of fun to blow. We went back for a campfire and S'Mores. Dylan set up his slackline and he and Emma did their best to master the line. We sat around the campfire chatting and watching the moon come up. It was a beautiful and quiet night.

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