Friday, July 3, 2009

Lehi to Delta

We left the Maxfield's later than we planned due to a wonderful breakfast cooked for us by Marlene. We noshed on bacon and eggs, toast and homemade raspberry jam. Filled up we headed off to unload at Thanksgiving Point where we had ended our day the day before. We met up with Bob Rampton and chatted for a long time about the New York Paris Race and the path it took through this part of the country. Bob is somewhat of an expert on this and is the kind of guy you could spend a few days with just driving around while he told you the history of the roads, the cars and the race. Really interesting history!

We drove south around Utah Lake and again the vistas were breathtaking. The lake is the most unusual color of pastel green. I believe it has to do with limestone. We turned away from the lake into more dry country and that is where I almost lost Dylan. For a while we were not sure what it was that kept bouncing off our faces as we drove along. Every so often whatever it was would hit really hard, and it would hurt! We did determine that it was some sort of bug but couldn't quite get a hold of one to see. All of a sudden Dylan jumped up, swore and was ready to jump out of the car. He though one had bitten him. It became clear when one landed on the cowling. They were large brown grasshoppers. Flying in herds across the road, they were grabbing on to anything they came in contact with in case it might be edible. I guess Dylan was just to big to keep so the one that got him had to let him go. We then drove, shucked and dived down the road trying to avoid the small swarms. In addition to the nasty bugs, there were the hay trucks zooming by followed by blasts of air filled with little razor shapr shards of hay. This added to the sting. We became pretty good at avoiding the worst of it but it was not fun.

Turning on to 6 took us away from all that, and then it was just the wide open road on to Delta. It was a very long drive but we motored along at 40mph and got there in time to meet up with Malcolm's brother Doug & his wife Nancy who had driven east from Tahoe. Yay!!! We couldn't find Dorothy or Dan, she was on a hunt for a guy with a fan part. Meanwhile word was out that there was an old Cadillac at the gas station and Darrell drove up in his 56 Cadillac to visit. We parked his car next to ours and took pictures. His car was a good 6 feet longer! You could have lived it it for the summer, it was that large. Still couldn't contact Dorothy or Dan but we figured they were fine and in town somewhere. So we found a place to stay, and by the time we went for dinner they had found us. We had a great dinner and a good nights sleep. Early off in the am to avoid the heat of the desert.


  1. Dana -
    Thanks for the kind words. See, I told you I take a nasty photo! Great to read the new posts. Good luck and happy motoring for the rest of the trip.

  2. Nice to see you with Nancy, Dana. Great photos. You are nearly there and I do miss you. Our weather has been the pits. Today 4th is cool but we may not get any more rain. The Lillies you planted are beautiful Another. one is about to bloom. I will send a email latter.
    Love Mom

  3. I thought I saw a new up date Sunday. Now it is gone, You must be so tired Dand Take care Mom