Friday, July 24, 2009


We are finally home after a very long drive across the country back east. Funny how driving in a modern car is so very different. I found the speeds we were driving very disconcerting. Hitting the brakes in the high speed lane gave me heart issues and passing at 70mph was almost impossible to watch. It took me a few days of riding as a passenger to get used to everything moving by so quickly. It was almost a sensory overload. Strangely enough, the distances we drove each day, which would have taken a week in the Cadillac, seemed SO unbearably long in the truck. The last part of the trip was the most difficult, we were getting close to home and the anticipation of sleeping in my own bed made the time go by so very slowly.

After arriving at our doorstep at 3am, Thursday the 17th we turned around on Saturday and left for a quick trip to Rhode Island to meet up with friends who were heading back home to Arkansas. We spent a great two days at the ocean before coming back to Vermont. One truly appreciates the ocean after smoldering in the desert. I do love the subtle colors of the far west and the remoteness of that part of the country but the drive to the ocean is a bit daunting from Wyoming.

Now we are home working on cars, sorting photos and letting the trip slide through our psyche. I am dreaming of driving again. The past two nights I find myself dreaming of the trip, sitting in the driver's seat and watching the world slowly move past. And I find that I am planning.....

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