Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Men behind the Women

Behind every great idea there must be someone who can make it happen. In our case the someone(s) were Dan Boehm and Malcolm McNair. Malcolm is the owner of the Cadillac and my husband.Without Malcolm this trip would have probably ended for me in Indianna. He kept the Cadillac running, troubleshooting all the weird things that kept happening and making superior roadisde repairs. He was 100% responsible for us being able to drive all the way to California.

Dan kept the Ford Model T running from Ohio to California. When Dorothy's husband John had to go back to work Dan stepped in to drive the chase car and oversee the mechanics of the T. He is a fantastic guy with a wicked sense of humor and an great talent for old cars. Getting to know Dan was another highlight of this trip. He is kind, generous, patient and a tremendous amount of fun.

Without Dan and Malcolm we never would have been able to make this whole idea a reality. Most nights they worked on the cars before they went to bed. Each morning they checked, filled, tightened and tweaked before we left. I believe I can speak for both Dorothy and myself when I say we are indebted to them and no amount of thanks can really express just how much we valued both their expertise and their hard work on our behalf. You guys are exceptional and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


  1. A total group wffort and SUCCESS! Congratulations Dana Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. How great!! We are so thankful we got to drive with Dorothy for about 50 miles to say we did a little part. ( I think you had a graduation at the time. Sorry to have missed you. L & V